Spectacular Komodo Trip 04D/03N

Komodo Trip overview

Flores, Komodo, Rinca islands, and beyond are infinite tour destinations among the Indonesian archipelago since there are plenty of dazzling activities the visitors may experience. From marine life to adventurous attraction. In Labuhan Bajo of west Flores, the travelers will be so astonished with the wonder of gua Batu Cermin or mirror stone cave. It is called mirror stone cave as a hole above the cave reflects a sunlight to the cave wall making a light beam looks like a mirror. Komodo trip and Rinca island exploration is a fascinating moment the tourists should experience since you will not only discover the aggressiveness of the dragons but also to enjoy an enamoring underwater scenery in the picturesque beach of Kanawa island. Before returning to Labuhan Bajo we go trekking to a hill at Padar island to get into a marvelous spot to enjoy sunset and take a picture of captivating panorama.

Komodo trip itinerary :

D1 : Arrival – Half day tour – Hotel (Lunch, Dinner)

Your guide meets you at Domestic arrival terminal of Komodo International Airport, Labuhan Bajo. Then prepare for lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards, set out on adventurous Komodo trip with an excursion covering Goa Rangko, Bukit Amelia, and  Kampung Ujung culinary village. Goa Rangko is a unique cave which inside it there is a huge clean water pond where the people can swim. To reach the pond we will take a local wooden boat from Rangko harbor. After swimming and exploring the cave we proceed the trip to Amelia hill to watch fascinating sunset and enjoy picturesque view of small islands around Labuhan Bajo. Before returning to the hotel, we will have dinner at Kampung Ujung culinary tourism village which is famous with special seafood dishes.

D2 : Labuhan Bajo – Kelor Island – Manjarite Beach – Kalong Island (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Depart early in the morning to Labuhan Bajo harbor to get on the boat to start an exploration on adventurous Komodo trip.  First of all the boat brings you to Kelor island  for a delight soft trek. We trek up to the top of the hill on the island to watch an enchanting panorama. Then move on to Manjarite beach for snorkeling or just walk around the beach. Lunch will be served on board. Afterwards, we go on sailing to the northern part of Rinca island which is well known as Pulau Kalong or Bat island as in this place we will find thousands of bats flying around the trees before the sun sets. We have dinner and enjoy the wonderful night on board around Kalong or Kambing island.

Day 3. Kalong – Padar – Komodo – Pink Beach – Manta Point – Labuhan Bajo (B, L, D)

Today is the last day of Komodo trip exploration. We start sailing to Padar island at 04.00 in the morning to “hunt” an amazing sunrise from the top of Padar hill. Afterwards, we walk down and back to the boat for breakfast. Ultimately we come to the core of Komodo trip exploration. We will discover Komodo dragon lizards live in their natural habitat on Komodo island. During the exploration we will be escorted by the rangers. We can even go close to the lizards and take selfies with rangers. After that we continue sailing to Pink beach for an exciting marine life on the turquoise beach. Furthermore, we proceed the boat sailing to a tiny sandy islet of Taka Makassar, the islet formed from a pile of sand in the middle of the sea. It is also an amazing spot for swimming. Last but not least, the boat takes us back to Labuhan Bajo through Manta point, a nice spot where we can look at a group of manta fishes swimming on the surface of the sea. As soon as we arrive at the harbor we drive to the hotel. Dinner will be prepared at the hotel.

D4 : Departure Labuhan Bajo – Next Destination (Breakfast)

Enjoy breakfast and your last day holiday time at the hotel while waiting for airport pick up service to Komodo International airport to onward your flight to the next destination.

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