Komodo tour adventure 3D/2N

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Komodo tour adventure 3D/2N

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Varanus Komodoensis which is known as Komodo dragon lizards are cannibal reptiles which can only be found in Komodo island of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Since many years ago Komodo island has become an attractive tour destination among the archipelago for both Domestic and Overseas travelers. We proudly present a wonderful land and sea exploration to Komodo island to discover the dragon lizards on an adventurous forest trekking. During the trek you will not only see the lizards but also the other wild animals like wild deer and water buffaloes. After witnessing the wild life on the island we will go swimming and snorkeling in Pink beach to discover the underwater scenery, various species of fishes, and colorful coral reefs.

Komodo tour itinerary :

Day 1. Arrival – Kelor island – Manjarite beach – Kalong island (Lunch, Dinner)

Your adventurous komodo tour begins soon upon your arrival at Komodo International airport, west Flores. After greetings by the guide at the arrival hall we take a short drive to Labuhan Bajo harbor to catch a private AC boat to Kelor island. We will experience a pleasant hike till the top of Kelor hill to witness the magnificent scenery of other islands surrounding it. If you adore exploring underwater life, Manjarite beach is a right and favorable place. Just put on your mask and pin, then jump into the sea you will immediately discover colorful coral reefs, hundreds of species of fish, and colorful sea stars. If you are lucky you will get a chance to look at a green turtle. Lunch will be provided on board. By early afternoon the boat takes you to Kalong island. We anchor the boat on the beach behind the rock edge near a huge tree where we see the bats flying out of the nests at twilight time. Enjoy the dinner and spectacular night on board.

Day 2. Kalong – Padar – Pink beach – Komodo – Labuhan Bajo (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Most Komodo neighbouring islands are picturesque hilly islands. Our today’s komodo tour exploration is a boat sailing to Padar island, the third big island in the resort after Komodo and Rinca island. We eat a snack on board as we will climb up the top of Padar hill. It is a breathtaking place to take a photograph and enjoy a fantastic view around the island. After exploring the island we return to the boat for breakfast. The boat goes further to Pink beach for marine activities. The turning point of our komodo tour adventure is trekking around the island to explore the rare Komodo dragon lizards, Varanus Komodoensis which can only be found in Komodo National Park. The rangers will guide us during the trek. We will also discover wild buffaloes, deers, and other wild animals. After the exploration we walk back to the pier and immediately embark the boat to sail back to Labuhan Bajo. Dinner and stay overnight at a hotel.

Day 3 : Departure – Half day tour – Airport (Breakfast)

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel. On the way to the airport we will have a half day tour around Labuhan Bajo town visiting Waringin hill, Kampung Ujung culinary village, and exitic Flores souvenir shop.

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