Lombok Island Tourism Information

Tourism industry in Lombok Island has developed very rapidly as indicated by fact that the number of tourists visiting this island either domestic or overseas continuously increases from time to time. They visit Lombok Island to enjoy the beauty of the island and the hospitality of the native people.

The climate of Lombok island is perfect with annual temperatures ranging from 21 ‘C and 31’C. It has only two main seasons, the dry from May to October and the wet from November to April. Vegetation in Lombok Island is native forest, plantations cultivated land, coastal shrubs, heaths and grassland and narrow mangrove communities.

Recently, Mt. Rinjani of 3726 meters high, a towering northern volcanic range at its centre fully dominates the in land attracts the people who love adventure trekking to climb it up. Other non-volcanic range transverses the relatively barren southern side of the land and most of Lombok Island’s arable land and majority of the population occupy a narrow 25 km wide strip of the land.

Indeed, Lombok Island is a wonderful place for all travelling purposes, such as family vacation, leisure holiday, adventure trip, special interest tour, educational tour, and cultural trip. Undoubtedly the native people of Lombok so called SASAKNESE with unspoiled culture and tradition always open the hands to welcome the vacationers coming to Lombok Island.

In line with this development, the stake holders and Lombok Island Tourism Authority have been gradually establishing the facilities needed by the tourists. Types and levels of facilities arranged are varied. It depends on travelers’ budget. They could easily find accommodations, from back packers class up to five stars International chain hotels, even from boutique hotels to luxurious private villas. From Lombok taste restaurant so called “WARUNG” or “RUMAH MAKAN” to a western style one. The tourists will not face any troubles and difficulties in arranging and enjoying their journey and leisure time in Lombok Island, as they will easily get transportation service as the supporting facilities of both hotels and restaurants.

If the people are interested in a tailor made tour or ready packaged holiday program, in Lombok Island there have been many Government licensed tour operators with professional English, German, France, Dutch, Italy, Spanish, Russia, Japanese, and Mandarin speaking guides.

Lombok cultural, leisure and adventure tour destinations

Lombok is one of some seventeen thousands islands among the archipelago lies in a strategic position among a Golden Triangle tour destination of Indonesia. Namely, Bali in the west, very famous for its culture with an icon Bali the island of Lords, Komodo – Flores in the east, so well known with  Komodo Dragon Lizards and the adventure of Kelimutu three colors lake, and Sulawesi island in the north, completely popular for Toraja Land adventure. The unspoiled mixture of nature and culture of Lombok attracts the visitors on the island so that they feel as if they live in a hidden paradise.

In northeast Lombok the travelers will find the third Indonesian high volcano Mount Rinjani of 2736 meters that challenges the trekkers with three days two nights or four days three nights mountain trekking adventure tour. The southern part and southwest of the island is the more attractive place for beach activities. White sandy and turquoise beach of Kuta and Tanjung Aan is a breathtaking place for swimming while the wave of Seger, Gerupuk, Ekas, and Banko Banko are a wonderful spots for wind surfing. Along the coastal area there are many small islets which is called Gili with its amazing under water scenery such as Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan in northwest and Gili Nanggu, Gili Gde, and Gili Sulat in southwest. In these islets, the tourists have plenty of marine activities to enjoy such as snorkeling, diving, parasailing, canoeing, or just sunbathing.

If the travelers visit Lombok after harvesting season they will have a chance to watch a unique carnival wedding ceremony which is called Sorong Serah which means to Push and to Surrender. The philosophy of this ceremony is a groom’s apology to the bride’s family and relatives due to his mistake to elope the bride for marriage.

Lombok, the Island of leisure, adventure, and ideal place for meeting and convention.

Lombok Island is an ideal place for family vacation, adventure holiday, leisure tour, honeymoon trip, incentive tour, and for meeting and convention package. The people are so warm and friendly. Wherever the travelers go they will find the people smile and say, “Halo tourist, how are you and where are you going”? For western culture, asking where ones are going is really a private question. In Lombok, however it is a symbol of a friendly and friendship.

Generally, the wether in Lombok does not really differ from other islands in Indonesia. Mainly there are two main seasons, rainy and dry seasons. Rainy season starts on September and ends on February. The rest of the months are dry season. During rainy season, the air humidity is a bit higher, which makes the temperature hotter. The best and the most wonderful time for traveling around Lombok is on dry season, from March to September. Private villas, business class hotels, resort hotels, and backpackers’ class hotels are available in every touristic area.

Lombok can be reached by public economy class ferry and by air conditioned fast boat from Bali and by flight from many major cities in Indonesia and from some big world-wide cities as since October 1st 2011 an International airport, BIL (Bandara International Lombok) or Lombok International Airport has been officially opened and ready to serve all visitors.

Lombok Island is an ideal resort for muntain trekking, rain forest hiking and other land and sea adventure

Lombok Island is undoubtedly an excellent vacation resort for the vacationers who adore mountain trekking and rain forest hiking along with other land and sea adventurous journey. Hilly and mountainous regions dominate numerous part of the floor of the land. Tetebaatu in the east together with all the beauty of rice terrace, hilly cool resort, and heterogenic rain forest with various wooden trees is a perfect resort for mountain trekking and forest hiking. Benang Setokel and Benang Kelambu which happen to be situated at the northern part of central Lombok, are yet another fantastic rain forest the people have recently discovered as the new gateway to trek up the top of mount Rinjani. Before setting out on an adventurous mountain trekking, the people might be delight in a tremendous panorama of the rain forest and magnificent waterfall. The marvel of Pusuk pass preserved monkey forest, in northwest Lombok challenges the travelers with a spectacular half-day soft trekking.

Furthermore, Senaru village, the famed resort to start three days two nights mountain trekking to reach the breathtaking crater lake of mount Rinjani. Nearby the trek start line, the travelers have an opportunity to enjoy the fresh cool air of Sendang Gila waterfall, the highest waterfall on the Island.

In addtition, Lombok Island with the whole space of much more than 4000 km square as well as the stunning seashore surrounds it make the Island not only simply as mountain trekking adventure tour destination but also additionally as a charming and enchanting vacation resort for marine pursuits tourists. The roar of the waves in Mawun beach, Seger, Gerupuk, and Ekas of south Lombok challenge the wind surfers to drive a surfboard on an adventurous wind surfing. During rainy season the wave in Mawun, Seger, and Gerupuk attain the height of roughly 6 to 7 meters, whereas in Ekas beach it can get as much as 10 meters high. It is goofy, regular, and tube. When the sea is low tide, the people can easily witness coral reefs on the shore. The turquoise beach of Gili air, Meno, and Gili Trawangan of the northwest and Gili Nanggu in southwest Lombok are also a exquisite  spots for guests who want to explore colorful fishes and enchanting coral reefs by scuba diving or just snorkeling.

Moreover, Bangko Bangko and Tanjung Luar both equally tend to be the breathtaking beaches for jigging and bottom fishing. Barracuda and tuna are the common fishes the fishermen get. Visitors in family vacation who could not joint mountain trekking, surfing, fishing, and other land and sea adventure trip they might conveniently enjoy the leisure time in Lombok Island by banana boating, canoeing, and exploring the underwater life around the beach with glass bottom boat.

Marine life and sea adventurous tour in Lombok and in Gili Island

Lombok Island with the total area of more than 4000 km square and the beautiful seashore surrounds it making the Island become a charming and enchanting resort for marine activities travelers. The roar of the waves in Mawun beach, Seger, Gerupuk, and Ekas of south Lombok challenge the wind surfers to drive a surfboard on an adventurous wind surfing. During rainy season the wave in Mawun, Seger, and Gerupuk reach the height of approximately 6 to 7 meters, whereas in Ekas beach it can reach up to 10 meters high. It is goofy, regular, and tube. When the seawater is low tide, the people can easily witness coral reefs on the shore. The turquoise beach of Gili air, Meno, and Gili Trawangan of the northwest and Gili Nanggu in southwest Lombok are also a wonderful  spots for visitors who want to explore colorful fishes and enchanting coral reefs by scuba diving or just by snorkeling. In addition, Bangko Bangko and Tanjung Luar both are the breathtaking beaches for jigging and bottom fishing. Barracuda and tuna are the common fishes the fishers get. Visitors joining family vacation they can enjoy the holiday time by banana boating, canoeing, and exploring the underwater live with glass bottom boat.

Rinjani Trekking Adventure

Lombok Island as one of several Indonesian wonderful tour destinations is world widely famous for its beauty of nature. When you visit the Island you will find Rinjani Mountain, an active volcano with a height of 2736 meters. For those who love adventure trip, Rinjani Trekking Adventure is the best choice since in doing this trip you will face a challenging terrain to test your nerve as a real mountain trekker.

To set out on this adventurous program there are some routes the visitors may take. The most breathtaking one are however Rinjani Trekking Adventure through Senaru starting point and Sembalum starting point. The trekkers having a willing to enjoy the wonder of Segara anak lake, the crater that appears due to the massive eruption that occurred several decades ago you are suggested to start the trek through Senaru because the terrain is not so hard. Whilst the people who want to reach the peak of the mountain we recommend you to start the trek through Sembalun. These two starting point are having the same amazing natural beauty. Some kinds of Flora and Fauna such as edelweiss flower and black monkey so called “LUTUNG” will complete the wonder of your holiday on Rinjani Trekking Adventure.

 There are some tips we suggest to the visitors if you want to climb the mountain. You would better book a package through a legal and experience Tour Operator in handling Rinjani Trekking Adventure. If you take a flight or public ferry to Lombok, we suggest you to set out the trip on the next day to make sure that you are in a fit condition. In addition, we advise the visitors not to bring along too many dresses. Two t-shirts, two shorts, and a good trek shoes are recommended. Do not forget to bring along a flashlight head. The best time to trek is between April and October. To climb out of that period is   still allowed. It has just however entered the rainy season.

Lombok Island is an excellent resort for honeymoon Holidays.

Honeymoon in Lombok is an amazing and memorable trip for young couples because Lombok Island is one of numerous beautiful and wonderful vacation resort among Indonesian archipelago. Let alone the arts and culture which is similar to neighboring island of Bali makes Lombok Island an enchanting honeymoon holiday destination. Therefore, if you look for honeymoon resort in Indonesia with a touch of art, culture and nature of Asia, then honeymoon in Lombok is the best choice.

The availability of adequate facilities in luxurious International standard hotels and in every Tourism object attracts most couples to choose the island of Lombok as the best choice to enjoy the honeymoon trip. Honeymoon in Lombok by visiting Kuta and Tanjung Aan beach which is famous for its white sand and the beauty of Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan to enjoy the natural beauty of the captivating and turquoise underwater garden like fish and colorful coral reefs would be wonderful memories the couple could not forget.

Before making decision to spend the honeymoon in Lombok, this information might be useful for every couple. Throughout the year the honeymooners might enjoy a honeymoon in Lombok. There are some important tips however for couples in selecting and arranging vacation time, among others, October to April is the rainy season. At this period hotels in Lombok do not charge high season surcharge so that the hotel rate would not too expensive. May to September is the dry season coincides with summer in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific where in this period most travelers choose Lombok Island only not as a tour destination for honeymoon but also as a resort for leisure, family vacation, meeting, and adventure. The peak is on July and August as well as Christmas and New Year. This time is really a high season period for tourism business in Lomok. Most of the hotels charge high season surcharge so that the hotel rate at these seasons will be more expensive than the outside period. Even many hotels require guests to take a compulsory dinner on New Year’s Eve so guests might not check out on 31 December. But since this is on a very memorable day for the tourists because they could celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Lombok They are mostly happy despite having to pay dearly for compulsory dinner at the hotel.

In addition, you are also advised to plan and select Travel packaged of honeymoon in Lombok that suits your taste before your departure date so you do not spend too much time and money during your vacation in Lombok.

With the operation of the International Airport since October 2011, Lombok Island becomes easier to be accessed from both the domestic big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Denpasar, and the other major cities as well as of the world big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.